My name is Pamela V.  Eatman-Skinner and I am extraordinarily blessed to be gifted as an educator, artist and musician. I am the product of my environment, the result of parents and teachers, artists and leaders who poured their life force, creativity and brilliance into me without measure. For this cause, I am compelled to freely pass their treasured legacy on.
A second generation educator, I received my passion for education from my parents, both seasoned educators. They exposed me to an unusual cadre of characters and life changing experiences which included the development of their own educational brain child, The Mt. Pleasant Christian Academy. The pain and ecstasy of institution building became a part of my fabric and has molded me into the person that I am today. For over twenty years I have been intrinsically involved in the development of MPCAI whose primary purpose is to provide a holistic and child centered academic experience for students in grades Pre K- through 12. 


The challenging academic life, award winning music program, exciting theatre department, and world travel component, inspired me as a student and later caused me to return as a teacher and administrator. Being on the ground floor of the building of such an institution and witnessing the pains, pangs and victories of such development have strengthened my innate gifts. Each experience has helped me to think outside of the box, to become a master problem solver and to develop the soft skills needed to successfully work with people from all walks of life.

I have been blessed. I was inspired by my middle school theatre arts and music instructors to write prolifically and to meld my gift of song into my work. I produced my first play with original music at the age of 12 and have exercised that gift for over 30 years. Since then, I have been blessed to become a part of the New York theatre arts scene with works that have been presented on stages throughout New York City including but not limited to The Riverside Theatre, City College's Aaron Davis Hall, Hunter College's Kaye Playhouse and Symphony Space. These achievements are not solely my own but are the result of the sacrifice and love of my team. My parents, extended family, educators and elders within my community encouraged me to reach for the stars; they made the difference. Even those leaders who impacted my life but are not alive to see the fruit of their labor, still inspire me; I carry within my work their voices, their songs and their leadership. This true sense of education is a lasting legacy which was passed to my generation as a sacred birthright and I fully intend, through my career and life to unabashedly share the beauty of education with everyone that I encounter.
Extracurricular Activities
• Worked with the partnership for the homeless as a overnight staff person/ cook/mentor
• Community Activist, National Action Network
• Youth Counselor, King Commission
• Mt. Pleasant Youth Fellowship Organizer (current)
• Musical Director, Mt. Pleasant Community Church (Since 1989)
• Assistant Director of the Ebony Ecumenical Ensemble (Since 1988)
• World Travel IE: Egypt, Israel, South & West Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hawaii, South Korea etc.
• Worked with local Harlem Community Churches in food and clothing distribution
• Christmas Caroling organizer/ director / Upper West Side & Harlem, NY (Yearly- seasonal)
• Founder / Artistic Director of Tiny Starr Productions Inc.
• Tiny Starr Cares Foundation – Organizer
• Designer of Annual Awards Banquet, Mt. Pleasant Christian Academy
• Mission work to Benin, West Africa –
This Academy became a blue print for my life. The traditional school year did not encompass solely the three R's, but included programming in a wide range of subject areas that sparked the genius within each child.